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  1. Lynne says:

    I fondly remember sharing one of Beth’s birthdays at Railroad Square watching “The Lady Eve”. Thank you for last night’s reading of “The Race”; it was classic Beth – full of insight, subtlety, great writing, memorable characters and thoughtful observations.

  2. Devon D says:

    there’s so many sweet memories to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. many of my memories of Beth involve extraordinary gourmet food, often expertly prepared by Beth herself. but somehow today the remembrance that comes to mind is sharing a meal with Kenny & Beth between movies in Toronto during the film festival at some crappy Asian greasy spoon where I was introduced to a fried pancake-like comfort food dish. old dear friends, sharing easy conversation, catching up on news, exchanging frequent hearty laughter – this is the best of this life, and I’m grateful to have had the honor to share many such moments with Beth.

  3. Big boy says:

    Hi, darlin’! I miss you so much. I have you still. I always will. And you have me forever. I hope always to be worthy of you and thank you forever for your love and for so allowing me to love you.

  4. Ken says:

    60 years today since you were born into the the confines and freedom of the wonderful human I knew and adored. I hold you in my heart with no clock whatsoever forever..

  5. Ken says:

    Happy Birthday, darlin’! 63 years, but who’s counting’?

    Love forever-Ken

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